What is SayEverything?

SayEverything is an online discussion forum dedicated to persons with cross disabilities.
As the name indicates, SayEverything provides it’s subscribers with an integrated and multifarious platform for open discussion on any relevant topic pertaining to Current Affairs, news, Politics, entertainment, sports, Computer and Information Technologies, Science, education, careers, latest happenings around the World and other informative issues of common interest.
SayEverything Mailing Group was formed on 19th Dec, 2005 in order to fulfill the objective of mounting the public interaction, communication and astuteness amongst the differently-abled folks. The another goal behind creating such platform is to bridge the gap in the social order and connect every individual to the Mainstream of our Society.
Today, SayEverything has over 500 members subscribed to it’s Mailing List and they are significantly contributing to the discussion Board from India and across the Globe since the inception of the Forum.
We believe in providing an opportunity of the freedom of expression and presentation of an Art to every Human Being. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Beauty without expression is boring.” And Abraham Lincoln said: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
So if you think you’ve got something to say and express, SayEverything is a right place for you!
To stay away from any world-weariness, we also conduct some Social get together and cultural events on time to time for our members at the side of online discussion Board.
Click here to view the reports of our last organized activities in India.

Besides our above mentioned activities, SayEverything will also endeavor to provide some useful stuff to the users such as various Circulars for persons with disabilities, educational E-Books, Audio files for Visually Challenged listeners and so on, through our download section.