Who is Prof. B. S. M. Kumar?

Prof. B. S. M. Kumar has Over Two decades of Experience in Teaching Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Subjects/Training/Mentoring,
Research in the area of Environmental Pollution Control/Analytical/Business
-Design and Development of Curriculum, Laboratories; Research Management; Sourcing and Procurement; Project Management; Conceptualising & Organising Workshop, Seminars, Conferences and Training Programs; Industry Institute Coordination; Placement Coordination.

Academic Record:
Ph.D. (1992) IIT Madras; M.Tech (1988), M.Sc. (1986) IIT Delhi.
Number of Publications In Journals/Conferences: 28
During professional career as an academician, Prof. Kumar was given an opportunity to spearhead & set up Chemical Engineering Department in a top leading Private University at Chennai & with an active team many aspirant chemical engineers were developed, trained and placed in many a prestigious institutions/organizations.

After a long journey as a successful Academician he had to step back, in 2014, owing to many top Management changes leading to non – compatibility situation for him to continue the service. Subsequently he also suffered a visual impairment making him legally blind.

Though Prof. Kumar was intellectually competent, but, he found it hard to re-launch his professional career, as the society was not ready to accept him with his visual impairment.

In order to sustain his passion, he first empowered himself to the use of computer with the help of assistive technology, such as JAWS/NVDA, sharpened his contemporary skills.

Prof. B. S. M. Kumar is currently associated freelance with national/international Non Profit organizations; on line Tutoring; Education & Career Mentoring.