Ram has had his upbringing and education in Chennai, a busy city also called the Detroit of India. As a child prodigy he had aspirations to be the next
Vishwanathan Anand, and won many inter-school championships in chess. During his scholastic years, his curiousness towards understanding difference in
people’s behaviour in different manner for a same situation moved his focus to the field of psychology.
As a travel freak he has been to all the major cities in India & Europe and fell in love with the climate & cosmopolitan culture of the garden city Bangalore,
which is also known as the Silicon Valley of India where he also met his soul-mate. After convincing his family, he moved to Bangalore & settled there.
He has specialized in I/O Psychology with research interest in the area of Change Management, TTM & Industry 4.0. He is the first person to do Psychology
as a visually challenged person here in India.

After a fruitful experience in consulting he joined TCS in 2009. At TCS, he implemented the industry famous TLP Framework for the BPS Organization, was
part of the team that implemented the IPE framework for deciding the suitable compensation for the employees based on the job complexity. He was also part
of the team that developed the SME (Subject matter expert) career path in TCS BPS across all the delivery functions. He also designed & developed an attribute
assessment scale for promotion of associates. He is certified in Performance Coaching & Mentoring, BEI (Behavioural Events Interview), and AC/ DC (Assessment
and Development Centre) Evaluator.
Nick named as think tank, he is better known as a psychologist than a HR in TCS for his empathy & compassion towards the employees. With his interest spanning
from competency management to performance management, he is part of the TTM (Talent Transformation & Management) group. He is also known as an inspiring
trainer within TCS for all the soft skill trainings that he takes with high passion & interest to various grades of employees during his leisure time in
the organization.
As an industry expert on Management concepts, he is frequently invited by various B Schools to give expert talk & to conduct workshops on state-of-the-art
management topics.