Report of 2nd convention, Mar 2008

SayEverything is an international mailing group dedicated to persons with disabilities and has been in existence for over two years now. As the name indicates,
SayEverything provides its subscribers with an integrated platform for open discussion on any relevant topic pertaining to computer technology, current affairs, news, entertainment, sports, education, careers and other issues of common interest.
Our aim and endeavor is to connect the disabled-friendly people to the mainstream of our society. In order to fulfill the objective in a more fertile way,
we had organized some constructive and real workshops which could be helpful in enabling the group members to learn something new and enhance
their skills and experiences.
The 2nd successive convention of SayEverything group was held at Delhi University on 29-30th March 2008 where around 25 members were present to take part.
It is a matter of great pleasure and importance that it was 2nd occasion when we had this opportunity to arrange the conclave. The group was formed on 19th of December 2008 and very soon after the formation of this group, We succeeded to have our 1st get together on 24-25 February 2007 in New Delhi. Within the time period of almost 13 Months, we had organized 2nd convention once again. Firstly we were looking for conduct the seminar in Ji Pur in Feb 2008 but for some reasons, we could not make it happened there.
I have personally experienced over the last period of two years that it is very tough to assemble the people at one place. But this is also a fact there are many people exist in the world who actually give their best in order to integrate the people. The efforts being made by such people towards bridging the gap and connecting to society is always appreciated.
With the help of some great efforts made by our active members, we had commenced our 1st day of convention on 29th of March 2008 at Arts room, Central Institute of education, Delhi University Campus, Delhi.
The 1st event of 1st day was started at 10:00 AM with Mr. Shamshir Rai Luthra, Communicator, Trainer of Speech craft, TV/Radio anker on the subject: “Talking rich. ” Mr. Luthra tried to make us understand that what are the necessary tips of being a good communicator, why communication is must have at present time almost in all the areas of
our life.
The tea and snack was provided at 11:00 AM and all the members enjoyed the cup of tea during the workshop along with Mr. Luthra. All the present participants did some exercises told by Mr. Luthra and finally his session ended at 12:00 PM.
We had the next workshop at 12:00 PM with Mr. Saurav Malav, Senior Software Engineer – Sigma, on “Changes and new dimensions added to SAFA.” Mr. Malav explained to all of us about this Screen Reading Application working in Hindi language.
At 1:00 PM, we had our lunch.
We ate Shahi paneer, dal makhani, aalu gobhi, kheera rayta, yellow rice, chapatti, salad and samaiya in sweet dish.
Thanks to our volunteers Ms. Neha Sharma, Ms. Abhilina and Ms. Sharon for their great service in serving food to all the members in very well manner. We are also thankful to the canteen and CIE staff for their services in food.
After having lunch we continued the session of Mr. Malav from 2:00 PM. Saurav exposed some practical demonstration on SAFA and answered the queries of the members.
This workshop was presided by Professor S.R. Mittal of Jamia Millia University.
At 2:45 PM, it was time to change the topic of discussion for variation and Dr. R.K. Sarin, General Secretary, Progressive Society for Sightless Persons, did a lecture on the subject: “The movements of visually impaired.” It was the session where members had lots of arguments and queries.
Dr. Sarin tried to elucidate that what was the need of starting movements and what would have been the possible causes according to his research responsible to initiate such movements of visually impaired in the past history.
This session was chaired by Mr. Kshemanand Sharma.
At 4:15 PM, it was again time for members to get refreshed and enjoy a cup of tea with snacks.
At 4:30 PM The next and final session of the 1st day was taken by Dr. Jagdish Chandra, Lecturer, Political Science – Hindu Collage on: “Living with blindness in US and India.” This subject was found pretty interesting to members and Mr. Jagdish Chandra shared his experiences with us.
With this workshop, the first day of convention came to an end.
The 2nd and final day started on March 30th 2008 with the lecture by Dr. R.K. Sarin on: “The importance of pleasure in the life” at 9:30 AM. He explained about pleasure and displeasure as per his own research and observation.
This session was chaired by MRS. Indu Sarin.
At 11:00 AM the members were served with tea and snacks.
At 11:30 AM, our next session was started with Dr. Vipin Kumar Malhotra, President, Delhi University Association of Physically Disabled Teachers, Legal Coordinator – Legal Aid Cell-DisabilityIndia Network, Member of Governing committee – National Association of the Blind, Delhi on: “Disability related act and laws.” Dr. Malhotra advised us to adopt legal consultancy in case of any harassment of a disabled person in the area of employment, banking and other related department.
This session was presided by Dr. R.K. Sarin.
At 1:00 PM, we enjoyed lunch all together.
This time we had rajma chawal, mix veg, tari dar aalu, poorhi, boondi rayta, salad and rice kheer in sweet dish. We are again grateful to all our dedicated volunteers Mr. Nitu, Mr. Panday and canteen staff for serving us food.
At 2:00 PM, Mr. Pushkar Raj Panday was the speaker for the topic: “the importance of Yoga in our life.” Mr. Pushkar tried to enlighten us about how Yoga is useful to us and what are the benefits of doing Yoga in the daily life. He told the members a bit of exercises too.
More he assured us that an special yoga class will be conducted some other day and he will let the visually impaired people know how to do yoga in order to be fit and fine in our every day life.
This workshop was chaired by Dr. R.M. Byas, Joint Director – Raj Bhasha Hindi, Ministry of Home Affairs.
The next program was held after 2:30 PM and it was the time when all became informal and enjoyed some musical program and other performances. The narrator of this session was Mr. Kshemanand Sharma.
As per Indian tradition and culture, The musical session was started with Saraswati Vandhna sung by Venidhar Verma.
We had, Mr. Harish Chandra and Mr. Venidhar Verma in the panel of singers who performed some wonderful ghazals and their recital were very much appreciated by the members. Apart from this, Mr. Amalendu Barua gave his performance on Synthesizer.
Mr. Kulwant Singh performed some laughter challenge and nice mimicry in front of the members and we all were full of joy in that moment!
This event was presided by Mr. Krishan pal, WicePrincipal – Rajkiye Sarvoday bal Vidyalay, Gulabi Bagh, Delhi.
At 4:15 PM, again it was the time for final tea with some refreshment for the members. Around 4:30 PM, all the members informally interacted with one another for the final time in the convention.
At 5:00 PM, it was the final sitting of the day for the advice and suggestion. “What should we done more for SayEverything and how can it be more pleasant platform.”
The most vital decision of this final meeting was a declaration of shifting the existing group to our own domain. We shall get our own website of SayEverything forum soon in the coming time.
Any group, in my opinion, is a team where contribution of each member has it’s own importance and value. It is hard for me to take each name of the members but would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to each one who took part in the 2nd convention and made our efforts a success.
My sincere gratitude in behalf of this list goes to madam Shakti Sharma, Chairperson – Swayam Shakti Foundation for her extra finantial support.
We thank to Mr. Amalendu Barua for his helping hand in arranging the things and economic assistance for our convention.
It would have not been possible for us to arrange this conclave in a well manner if our speakers had not come to join us. Our presenters were our main highlights in the convention who actually shared their knowledge and experiences amongst the members.
Thanks to Prof. S.R. Mittal of Jamia Universidy and Dr. Ramesh Chandra of Delhi University for accommodating and being with us in the convention.
This would not be the right justice if I close this report without mentioning the great efforts made by our dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are the main backbone of any such program. We all are grateful to them for their assistance and support.
I very much hope that more arts, more talents will come forward in the future and next time a large number of people would be able to partake in the convention of SayEverything to be organized in the future.


Amit Bhatt

(List Owner – SayEverything)