Report of 1st convention, Feb 2007

March 8, 2007

General interaction with each and other and participation in social activities is all necessary for every human being to successfully establish an integrated platform and connect the every community or society to one world.
SayEverything, a group of free expression and an open discussion forum was formed on 19th of December 2005 on Yahoo in order to promote the social interaction among the people and connect the disabled friendly populace with the Mainstream of our society.
Advance Computer and assistive technology has made the way very much clear and easy for the person with visual impairment and over the time internet has emerged as a most expedient medium of being connected with each other.
As the name indicates, SayEverything provides us a liberty to present ourselves and sharing the views and experiences.
It is tough for me to express my pleasure and feelings to affirm that just after the 14 Months of formation of our group, we were able to organize the first ever convention of SayEverything on 24-25 February 2007.
We had faced lots of up and down in the preparation of our convention, however, finally could succeed to fulfill our dream of conducting our 1st get together in behalf of SayEverything by the support of all our colleagues.
Our first event was held on 24th of February 2007 at International Youth Hostel, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi with Mr. Dipendra Kumar Manocha on Accessible Environment. This workshop was suppose to be started at 10.30AM but we all could assemble at 11AM and workshop begins at this time only. We all had enjoyed a lot those moments with Mr. Manocha by sitting in a circle in the middle of the Garden of Youth Hostel.
This workshop was very much appreciated by each and every participant and finally it was unanimously decided that all the relevant matters are need to be taken care and will be forwarded to the right authority for finding the best solutions in order to make our environment more accessible to a visually challenged person. At the end of this workshop, members had some more queries to Mr. Dipendra regarding use of Mobile phone and internet.
Mr. Srinivasu had joined us for a while through Phone from Mumbai. He had words with me and conveyed his wishes to all the members for the success of this program. We all were able to get his voice through speakerphone during this workshop
After the first workshop we all the members and volunteers had lunch with Mr. Saurab Malav, Senior Software Engineer and Mrs. Annu, The director of Sigma, where Mr. Malab is currently working and doing lots of work on SAFA for more than last 1 and a half years.
After our lunch session Mr. Saurab Malav took a workshop on SAFA, (Screen Access For All) with some demonstration.
In the 3rd workshop of the Day, Mr. George Abraham, CEO-Score Foundation organized a workshop in witch we played some games. We’ve got two team in this event and each player from both the sides had to go for the discussion on any topic or having a general chat. In this game we were not allowed to use the words like I, my, Mine, Myself, Me, We, our, Us and yourself. Person, who was observed using these words during the talk, had been out dismissed and out of the game. Finally Mr. Amritpal singh were the vinner of this game.
After having a cup of coffee, we all came back to the Garden and enjoyed one more game called Main bajar gaya tha, witch has already been discussed by the members to the list.
This was our last event of the 1st day of our convention and after this all the members met with each other informally.
After having the dinner people started discussing various issues in their room. One of the hot topics of our discussion was marriage of a disabled person, in particular to visually impaired. How deeply members were involved in this talk, you can just imagine by knowing that some of our friends were discussing the topic till the 5AM of the next morning.
The second and final day of our convention commence at National Association for the Blind, R.K. Puram, New Delhi on 25th of February 2007 as Youth Hostel’s officials could not provide us any room or place for some emergency reasons.
We all did board the buss of NAB and mr. Satveer, the buss driver took us to Nab around 10AM. Mr. Chaturvedi, Mr. Virendra Singh and Mr. Raju served some tea, biscuits and chips to all of us.
Around 11.30AM, Topic on my choice, an amusement and competition was started in the basement of Computer Department of NAB. In this activity, each participant was allowed 4 Minutes to perform anything. We had lunch break at 1.15PM and we all were assembled at the mass of NAB. We had enjoyed very good food served by our aunties and the hostel warden.
After the lunch break all were back to the hall to continue with the program. At the final of this competition, Our invited judges Mr. Kshemanand Sharma and Mr. S.G.S Susodiya declared the name of the winners of the event.
Mr. Kulwant Singh got the 3rd prize for performing the various sounds of JAWS on his own voice. Mr. Chetan Sharma was declared 2nd winner for his shero shairi and Mrs. Swarita Amrit was awarded by the 1st prize for his nice poems and song.
After this program Mr. Bharat, Consultant, ISO9000 joins the panel and starts with his workshop, How can we make our mind a treasure.
People enjoy this part of workshop very much and I have seen every member deeply being involved in this class. At the end of this workshop, now the time comes again for having a cup of tea and some snacks.
In the final moments of our convention, members had shared some views and thoughts. It was a heartwarming time for us when Mr. Tamboli, Director of NAB, Delhi and Mr. Dipendra Manocha spent some time with us in the prize ceremony. The winners got the prizes from the hands of Mr. Dipendra and Mr. Tamboli.
Here, I Am happy to apprise you all that Mr. Dipendra encouraged us to carry on with such useful events and fruitful discussion. On the other side, Mr. Tamboli expressed his desires of arranging these kinds of activities at NAB in the coming future too.
Before the prize Ceremony, We had a cession in witch members putted their views across and it was unanimously agreed that get together of SayEverything group should be organized once in a year. Mr. Chetan Sharma proposed the next convention to be conducted in Jay Pur. He has come forward to take all the responsibilities to host the program. All the members were once again undivided on the subject and the proposal was accepted.
With all these activities, we finally comes an end of our convention at around 5PM and all the members turns back towards their home after having a small casual convene and signing off to each and others.
We may have missed something or could lack with something during our conclave, however, the 1st ever convention of SayEverything has created good reminiscence for us people.
I feel that I should be thankful to each and evry member of our mailing group for their support, contribution and teamwork arranging this reunion. Our members, whether they were present in the convention or not, encouraged me a lot to materialize and finalize our meeting.
It would not be a Justice if I close this report without mentioning that all the given prizes to the winning participants were fully sponsored by Saksham trust and Mr. Dipendra Kumar Manocha. Not only this, Mr. Dipendra has raised his helping hand in sponsoring a part of required amount for arranging the things at Youth Hostel. He also gave us full support to place our Second day’s program at NAB at a critical stage.
I convey my sincere gratitude to him in behalf of all our members ofSayEverything.
Special thanks to Mr. Senior Manocha, Father of Mr. Dipendra Kumar Manocha who has cooperated with me a lot from the starting point to the end of our convention in organizing the things in a proper manner.
Also The contribution of Mr. Chetan Sharma and Rakesh Kumar Gupta could not be avoided who submitted their extra part of amount in providing the food and hostel for those students who don’t have own source of income and our volunteers. The efforts and assistance of our volunteer Ms. Varsha is also highly appreciated. She provided us her service on all the three days, 23rd, 24th and 25th. We are also grateful to other volunteers who were present with us on 24th and 25th of Feb.
And finally, how can I close the eyes to the endeavors and enthusiasm of all those friends who came to attend the convention from Chattis Garh, Panjab, Rajistan and Delhi.
Thank you all for making this convention a grand success and achievement.
Around 25 members joined our first ever meeting of the group and We should hope that more members would join the next convention to be held in Jay Pur in 2008 in order to add one more golden era to the History of SayEverything group.

Amit Bhatt

(Moderator – SayEverything)