Message from the Moderator

Hello Guest,

A very warm welcome to you aboard!

My name is Amit Bhatt and I am the Moderator of SayEverything Mailing Group and Forum.
You might have wondered to know that what made my mind to form an E-Group which is focused on diversity of various subjects rather than having a hold on one specific topic.

Well it was my spare time when I was browsing Internet through Computer on 19th Dec 2005. I was seeing many Mailing Groups for the differently-abled folks just based on one specific theme or topic.
Suddenly, an idea appeared in my mind to launch an interactive platform where views and thoughts of the People on miscellaneous topics can be putted across the Board.
I also wanted to se a place where some creative activities could be happened beside the E-Mail exchange.
I thought a lot and finally created a Mailing List: SayEverything!
Got the tremendous response from the members and participants and the Group grown up day by day!
It has been my main interest and yearn from the School time to partake in discussions, talk and other Social and cultural activities.
I firmly consider the fact that every human on this Earth is boarned free and should utilize his freedom in the right direction by putting his views across. But on the other side, I am not in a favor of taking the extra advantage of our emancipation in doing the immoral actions just against our actual freedom.
The freedom of expression makes us more vocal, the art of presentation makes us more professional, the good communication makes us more successful and the Wisdom always makes us informed and awaken. And this is what I have shaped this Group for!
We won’t be effective if we don’t get the free environment.

You may please like to view our Aims and Objectives and what is SayEverything page to know us better.
I would also request you to read our Group Guidelines before get subscribed and join us at the SayEverything family.