Frequently asked questions, (FAQ)

What does SayEverything do?

The prime activities of SayEverything Forum is to develop a Podium that fulfills the People’s need of Freedom of expression, equal opportunity, public interaction, information and Wisdom, presentation and coomunication, comradeship and fun, Integration and Mainstreaming.

What and why we want to achieve by creating this Forum?

We want to see a good Social intermingle and everyone being sentient in our World.
We want to perform such activities just to insure that every Human Being is well informed and Entertained under one roof.

How does SayEverything execute it’s all aims and objectives?

SayEverything provides with an open discussion Forum on miscellaneous topics via E-Mail to it’s subscribers. Members are free to post any pertinent Article, information and query across the Board.
We are also committed to organize Social get to gathers, seminars and useful workshops for our members intermittently.

How can I be the participant in all the activities of SayEverything?

You just need to subscribe to our Mailing List in order to become a registered member of the Forum and you’ll get the access to write and read all your E-Mails being posted on the list.

When can I access my E-Mails routed through the Mailing List?

The members can access all their E-Mail activities happpening on the Forum any time round the clock from any where across the Globe.

I wish to Join SayEverything now, how can I subscribe to it’s Mailing List?

Please view our Subscription information Page for becoming a member of SayEverything and as well as getting subscribed to our Mailing List.

Are people with no disability allowed to be the part of this Forum?

Yes, people with no disability together with people with disabilities are also encouraged to join the Forum. This way our motive of Mainstreaming and bridging the gap in our Society will be fulfilled in an appropriate manner.

I am not the registered member, can I still partake on group discussion?

Only registered members are able to access the full features of our Forum including E-Mail exchanges.
Non-members can just read out the Mails but cannot make any posting to the list.

Does SayEverything provide any Download feature to get useful stuff?

Yes, we have download page featured on our Website for downloading the useful material such as important Cerculars, E-Books, Audio Bookx and so on for our registered members and as well as general public.