Aims and Objectives

SayEverything believes to proffer with an inclusive and interactive platform of dialogue at the International global level to it’s members via E-Mail communications and face to face Table conclaves.

Below are the main aims and objectives of our Forum:

To provide a platform of Freedom of expression to the Mass.:

Freedom of speech or freedom of expression is a basic human right and its value could never be underestimated. Freedom of speech to a certain degree defines the level of creativity and achievement in a society. Without freedom of speech and expression, the people’s creativity and ability to solve problems are stifled. If the freedom to receive and give input is limited then it would be hard to discuss and know fully issues and options, limiting views and choices. Freedom of expression, therefore, is a strong indicator of a society’s progress.

To bridge the gap of equality between all the sections of our Society including persons with disabilities:

There is still a huge gap in our Social structure due to lack of equal opportunity and full participation. Problem arises when we do not get the right Forum where we feel like a family and share our free thoughts.
Any person, with what so ever disability, can be part of this Forum. Be it Women, be it men, and even non-disabled people can also be an important part of us. We are equal to everyone and open to one an all.

Public interaction with one another in order to seek solutions and give resolutions:

We strongly believe that the more you interact with others, the more you get the solutions on your problems.

Access to information and Wisdom:

Being informed is all time necessary in today’s competitive World and, access to information is enabling us to be well-versed. Similarly, information enriches the Wisdom of a Human Being. “Wisdom is greater then the power.”

Enhancing presentation and communication skills:

Nothing succeeds unless you communicate. Nothing works until we do not present ourselves.
SayEverything is a medium of being more communicative and presentable in the World.

Opening the doors of comradeship and fun place:

We are more like a family where everyone gets a turn of good association and pleasure. In our family, all our members have been friendly and complimentary to each other through sharing the experiences and ideas on the Board.

Integration and Mainstreaming:

We believe on inclusion and not exclusion. Thus our Forum is not a disciple of person of any particular disability but we are dedicated to people with all kind of disabilities where all the members are given with an integrated Platform of equal opportunity of participation.
Non-disabled folks are also equally encouraged to join the Forum and many of them have already been linked with us. This way, our endeavor to connect each and everyone to the Mainstream of the Society is constantly fulfilling the motive and aim in a right manner.