Do you know that Article 21 of UN-Convention on the rights of Persons With Disabilities also speaks about Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information?

SayEverything E-Forum has been emerged as a vibrant medium to fulfill the needs of free expression and access to information for persons with disabilities as the forum provides it’s subscribers with an open platform for useful discussion on every germane topic amongst the differentially-abled and enable-bodied participants at the global International level.
This forum has been on it’s forefront not only in providing the opportunity of freedom of expression to the members but also in bringing a place for social inclusion and integration since 2005.
We invite the people to participate and join our family from every corner of the World.
It is our believe that taking part in cultural activities, workshops and social get together is also equally important to every human being to be entertained with full ecstasy in the life. We thus endeavor to organize some creative activities and workshops at regular interval in India alongside our online discussion group.
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